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Shop our cutest-ever collection that's perfect for bedtime cuddles, and playground adventures. Stuffed animals toys, dolls, and other children's toys have been a joy to have throughout childhood. At Kiddie Corner Toys; we want to share with you a large selection of plush toys, dolls, and puppets from popular brands like Disney, Shopkins, Barbie, My Little Pony, and more! Shop Children Plush & Soft Toys with us today.


Dolls - Barbies, Disney, My Little...

Disney Barbie Dolls and Disney princess toddler dolls play an important role in a child's life. Playing with and caring for dolls teaches children how to share things and promotes cooperation and friendliness. Dolls are also great for learning how to differentiate colors, and for improving social-emotional skills, language skills and more.  Kiddie Corner offers a fantastic selection of Disney princess toddler & baby dolls,  Barbie dolls, Disney Princess dolls, and much, much more! Shop from our Disney princess doll collection!

If you have a little prince at your home then you must be aware of the fact that how much the Disney Barbie dolls attracts her. There is a certain significant association of kids with the beautifully dressed, pretty and mesmerizing Disney princess toddler dolls. If your little princess is also in love with the beautiful Disney Barbie dolls there is not the best place to shop for them than us. At kiddie corner, we have the best and the beautiful collection of Disney Barbie dolls at highly affordable rates and with the best customer care services.

No matter how many dolls a girl have they always wanted more, so why to stop at one? We have the wide range of dolls to choose from with enchanting dresses and beautiful hairs. All you need is to search our site for the desired Disney Barbie dolls. We know how much it means for your princess to have a complete doll set to show that to her friends. So whenever your kid needs a new doll for her doll collection we are always here for her.

If you are a mom of a girl, then you would definitely understand what dolls mean to her. If you are the Dad, then probably you won’t but your daughter will make you understand. But there is someone else too who exactly understands what a girl wants!

Yes, it is we at Kiddie Corner. She actually wants a Disney princess doll collection of her own with the best Disney princess baby dolls she can think of! Once you get these for her, she will be more than happy with you. And if you want to buy the best Disney dolls for her, you can only get them at Kiddie Corner.

We have the best Disney princess doll collection for your girl that includes dolls of all major Disney princess baby dolls  Character including Snow White, Cinderella, Ariel, Belle, Mulan and many more. And when we say we have these dolls, it doesn’t mean single pieces, but it actually means that you, for instance, you can have Snow White in a variety of sizes, dresses, and colors. What more is that you can get the customize playsets for Snow White too? Same is the case with all others of the Disney princesses.

So go through all the products and choose the best Disney princess toddler dolls for your kid, today.

Puppets for Kids Online

Puppets are a great educational tool for teaching your kids. It is proven that kids can learn and listen more with puppets. Children puppets can also help kids develop an imagination. For our pirate puppet to our ballerina puppet, we are confident that we have the right puppets for kids to help your child learn and be imaginative. Buy Pick up puppets online for kids fom Kiddie Corner today! Your kids will love it!

Puppets play a vital role in your kids overall personality development. With the puppets, the kids learn to socialize, to communicate and to share their thoughts and feelings. So when it comes to finding the best gift for your kid there is no other better choice than providing him or her with the best puppets for kids online.

Another most attractive features associated with the puppets is that you do not have to worry about them as they are made up of stuffed material and thus offer the maximum durability. Kiddie corner is proud to offer an extensive variety of puppets to share as a gift with your children. We have the best product category of Puppet for Kids Online which will not only act as a spare time fun but also help you kid to grow their social skills.

We have the high-quality puppets with the amazingly high-quality material and colors. Moreover, we believe in serving the clients in the best possible manner. Do when it comes to trust, quality and variety there is no other choice as attractive as puppets for kids at kiddie corner. Let them choose their favorite puppet character all by themselves to have most of the fun.

Plush Toys & Stuffed Animals For...

Plush toys become new and beloved companions to your child. Outside of the family one of the first relationships your child probably develops is with stuffed animals or with plush toys. Plush toys offer a number of benefits for children, they give comfort, help develop language skills, practical social skills, emotional skills also build confidence. Kiddie Corner has a great selection of licensed Plush Toys For Children, stuffed animals for kids, soft toys, plush toys and more.

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