Fingerlings Interactive Unicorn Gemma

Hello my name is Gemma unicorn fingerlings and newest to the fingerlings family.

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Gemma is Pink unicorn fingerlings and do all amazing tricks. Take me home today and i will be the best friend for you ever.

How to play with Fingerlings:

Tap Their Head:

Fingerlings have two special sensors on top of their heads. Tap once or twice on either side to trigger a variety of different reactions!

Hang them upside down:

These little babies are unicorn after all, and they love nothing more than hanging by their tails. See what happens when you turn their world upside down. (Hint: they might laugh hysterically)

Pet Them:

Give your baby unicorn some tender loving care, and they’ll soak it right up. From soft cooing sounds to happy eye blinks, you’ll see that a little love can go a long, long way.

Make the Toot:

Yep, baby unicorn do that too! Just cup your hand on top of their heads to see—or hear!—what happens. Then try the same thing when they’re upside down to trigger a different bodily reaction. (BURP!)

Blow them Kisses:

Blow kisses at your baby unicorn and it will make adorable little smooching sounds right back at you. (Unless you make it sneeze instead. Ka-choo!)

Get them talking:

Fingerlings are a chatty bunch. They can make over 40 different sounds, and they respond differently if they’re right-side up, upside down or lying down for a nap. Get creative and trigger them all!

Rock the to Sleep:

Baby unicorn need their naptime. Cradle them in your hands, rock them to sleep and watch them drift off to dreamland… and make all kinds of adorable sleepy sounds while they do it!

Get the Singing:

Here’s a fun little trick: clap your hands twice and will all start to sing. Do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti-do!

Give the a Grip:

Baby monkeys are a huggable bunch, and they love to cling to things. Let them grip your finger, the side of your notebook or even your straw or highlighter. They’ll feel safe and secure because they’re close to you!

These are original Fingerlings by WowWee not the Replica. 




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Awesome Unicorn

LOVE my unicorn fingerling. Awesome Toy, Was waiting since last November. I brought one from Amazon and EBay and got the fake one, does not work. This is branded made by wowwee. My kid favorite toy.

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    Fingerlings Interactive Unicorn Gemma

    Fingerlings Interactive Unicorn Gemma

    Hello my name is Gemma unicorn fingerlings and newest to the fingerlings family.

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